Oh, hey September.


Sorry for the extreme delay. Let's just get us all caught up, shall we? How about a little synopsis on everyone in our sweet little family with a few pictures of the last few months:

Sean: This guy. Sheesh. Just a few weeks after Charlie was born Sean started his summer internship at Snell & Wilmer, Los Angeles. The hope with these highly competitive summer internships is that they will turn into your job when you graduate law school. Well, we just found out Sean got offered the job for when he graduates! We are ecstatic. We really like the people at Snell-Sean especially. This means we'll be in Los Angeles for the foreseeable future. He just started his LAST FIRST day of school ever! So proud of this hard-working hunk of burnin' love. He's the best.

{September 1st, 2013}
Oliver: My little sweetie. Oliver is in pre-k! It's 2.5 hours every.day.of.the.week. I've had a difficult time with this. It's crazy to me that I send my 3-year old away for so long for so many days! It's made easier only because how much he loves it. The poor sweetie is nearly a head taller than everyone in his class. Wanna know the crazy part? He technically missed the cut-off to get in this year! They let him in via a friend's strong pull at the school (I'm convinced she showed them her goodies...JK!) and the fact that he is SO big. His 5T shirts are almost belly shirts-"Mommy? My belly skin is showing"-and he wears size 1 shoes. He is so smart and such a good big brother. His favorite toy right now is Buzz because, "he's the coolest toy EVER." His favorite foods are (according to him): "uh, chicken nuggets, cheese sandwich, peanut butter jelly time, banana bars (granola bars), milk, water, green swords (green beans)." 
{May 1st, 2013--they look so different from each other!} 
{brothers--Charlie @ 2-months, Oliver 3.5 yrs}
{my sweet boys}
{most recent picture! September 1st, 2013}

Ruby: Sassy pants! Baby doll turned 2 at the end of June with very little fanfare-why do I suck so bad?! My mom was in town so we threw her an impromptu party the morning of her birthday. She twirled around in her prettiest pink dress and new fancy shoes. She loves playing with Oliver, yet is perfectly content doing her own thing. I frequently find her and Oliver "mouskersizing" together throughout the house. She recognizes most letters and loves to read books. Like, an annoying amount of books. So many books! it.never.ends. She loves taking care of "CharChar" and feeding him "maulk." She is feisty and sweet, all rolled into her deliciously rotund little body. At her 2-year appointment she was 36 inches and 35 pounds, both well over the 100th percentile. SHE'S THE BIGGEST 2-YEAR OLD EVER. Just kidding. But she is really big. 
{little 2-year old!}
{birthday girl}

Charlie: My tiny! Oh, Charlie. We've sort of got him figured out. He is BY FAR our smallest babe. He just had his 4-month appointment and was only 14 lbs 12 oz and 25 inches long! 50th percentile for both (Oliver was 17 lbs 2 oz and 27.5 inches and Rubes was 15 lbs 8 oz and 26 inches). We love how little he is! He still comfortably wears 3-month clothes. In fact, he is wearing all of Oliver's 3-month clothes that he wore for about a month before he hulked his way out of them. He is so sweet and tender-hearted (like Oliver in that regard). He had SERIOUS dairy reactions when I was nursing that barely dissipated after excluding dairy. It was a little bit better when I switched to a milk-based formula but he still screamed.and screamed.and screamed. and screamed nearly every hour of the day. It went like this every day until right at 3-months when this horrible mom realized he probably had a bad milk allergy and switched him to soy. He is a completely different baby and is such a joy. He has a piglet-like squeal and a heart-shaped birthmark. He looks mostly like Oliver, but has Ruby's eyes. He pukes all day, everyday (just like Oliver did). And he pretty much sleeps through the night...so, yeah. 

{brand new}
{2.5 months}

{4-month appt}

Me? I'm alive and sort of keeping it all together, though my ever-growing pile of laundry that needs to be folded is constantly staring, begging, pleading to be put away. It's a constant reminder of my efforts that lack execution. I try to go to the gym 5-days a week because my body forgot how to lose baby weight with Charlie and now I actually have to work to lose the weight. Which I did over the last 2.5 months of HARD WORKING OUT. And I can brag about it now because it was and is really hard to lose weight and take care of a home, a husband, and 3 tiny humans who need me for every basic human function. And my shows. So many shows. But life is good. We are all healthy and happy-can't really complain about that! Don't you love how horrible my blog posts have become?

(***JENNIE K--help me learn the new ways of blogger! Clearly I can't figure out how to format pictures correctly...)

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  1. Your kiddos are the CUTEST! Miss you guys!!! Hopefully I'll get to meet Charlie before he turns five. Congrats to Sean on the job offer! Isn't it the best feeling in the world?